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COV – Trusted Pork from Europe

EU financed promotion campaign ‘Trusted Pork from Europe’ is initiated and executed by the Dutch national association for the meat industry, COV. This campaign aims at communicating about the quality and safety of European pork.
Food safety is a top priority in Europe. It is therefore the intention of the European Union (EU) to ensure that all food produced in Europe is safe for consumers. EU legislation guarantees the safety of pork at every step of the production chain – from the farm to the table of the consumers. The highest standards of pig health and pig welfare contribute to protecting food safety and public health. In this way Europe builds a high level of consumer trust in pork and pork products.
This high level of consumer trust is strengthened by the introduction of the concept of full traceability that guarantees the tracking and tracing of any pork product through all stages of production, processing and distribution. Food Businesses Operators must make sure that all foodstuffs can be traced right through the food chain, from farm to table
The Dutch Meat Industry Association (COV), who is in charge of this campaign, represents the Dutch pork industry.

食品安全是欧洲的首要任务。因此,欧盟(EU)的目的是确保欧洲生产的所有食品对消费者都是安全的。欧盟立法保证了生产链中每一步的猪肉安全 - 从农场到消费者的餐桌。猪健康和猪福利的最高标准有助于保护食品安全和公共健康。荷兰肉类行业协会(COV)负责该活动,代表荷兰猪肉行业。

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