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In 1921, Giovanni Varvello, in the warehouse under his house in Via Nizza 135 in Turin, established the \'Italian Vinegar Factory\'. Giovanni Varvello was the first in Turin to produce vinegar on an industrial scale, a condiment of excellence that, finally, every family uses at home. Thanks to its winning intuition, in a short time the vinegar of Varvello has become one of the biggest in Italy.
In 1961 he was handed over to his sons and the factory was moved to La Loggia in 39, Strada Nizza, where he still stands today. The company has always been owned by the Varvello family and now the company is managed by the third generation while the fourth has just entered and manages the new Modena plant.
Varvello wine vinegars ripen in wood, in Slovenian oak barrels and American larch (capable of containing 20,000 hl, which represent 25% of the total capacity of over 80,000 hl). White wine is found in these barrels for about four months and red wine for almost a year. The same products are then used to produce a variety of vinegar and cream dressings. This is the secret of the delicacy and the particular taste that makes Varvello products unique. Varvello has always paid special attention to taste and quality.
Varvello Company has produced and invested in a new BIO-organic system that applies different techniques to eliminate pollution and save energy.
Organic - for Varvello - they are not only biological and natural raw materials, but also renewable energy (with solar panels for over 60% of our needs) and also water savings thanks to the installation of a cooling tower, which circulates the heat water from fermentation in a cooling circle. As for energy saving, Varvello also has a new generation heater that uses minimum energy for heating, both in the office and in the building, and during production (heating in the packaging and production of shirts). Recycling is also used for residual plastics, packaging cartons and broken glass bottles. Last but not least, the residual sedimentation of the clarification vinegar filtering is brought into the farms to be used as a natural fertilizer that helps soil regeneration and is good for nature.
The consumer will find these details on the labels: healthy food, green color as an ecological symbol, key words like BIO-Organic, and symbols of recycling and energy saving that certify respect for the environment. Varvello has continued to invest over the years, in addition to our modern installations and fully automated bottling lines, the staff who work there followed a personalized training program based on ISO 9000, IFS, BRC, ISO 14001 and ISO 50000.
The bottle, and therefore the labels, shows how Varvello is a 100% ecological organization.
Finally, we comply with the \'Fourth Industrial Revolution\' and this means that our treatment will be completely automated in the near future.

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